Our Mission

Migration has emerged as a key issue (sometimes, THE key issue) in elections and referendums all over the world.

The problem is, misinformation is rampant and fear makes it easy to be taken in by extreme stories on both sides. We’ve all fallen for it- a dramatic facebook or twitter post that seems to perfectly confirm your understanding… only to find out that several links away there is no real information at all. But despite claims that we live in a “post-fact” society, there is reliable information out there on migration, if you know where to look.

We provide reliable, fully sourced information on the migration topics that dominate election coverage.

Where do the candidates stand on migration issues? What are they proposing to implement if elected? Are their proposals realistic? These are a few of the questions we analyse, by country and by election cycle. We also provide background to give you an idea how the election process works and what interests stand behind the candidates, as well as a calendar with key dates for upcoming migration-centric elections and referendums. Finally, we provide analysis aimed at synthesizing and demystifying election messages on migration.